The Be Always ON Integrated Solar PV "micro-grid" solution:

The Be Always ON (BAO) system integrates Solar PV, Storage Batteries, Natural Gas (or Propane) Engine Generators, with a programmable power Inverter that manages all of the systems and interfaces with the electric grid to assure continuous power is always flowing to your house or small business.

Because we use in integrated systems approach, the BAO not only provides back-up power when the grid is down, but it uses solar PV to supplement and off-set electric grid purchases for a reduced operating cost. The storage battery acts like a giant UPS system for your entire load - no waiting several minutes in the dark for several minutes hoping the back-up generator starts  and then having to re-boot all your systems. With BAO you are never without power.

The problem with most solar PV systems is when the electric grid goes down, so do they! It is very frustrating to have an investment of several thousand dollars that is worthless during a grid power outage. The BAO system keeps the solar PV system up whenever there is sunshine, which can be invaluable during periods of prolonged electric grid outages.

Do you know that during Super Storm Sandy many areas lost their natural gas system and could not get liquid fuels to their generators for several days? Never risk that kind of a problem with a BAO system where the solar PV and batteries will carry critical loads. The engine-genset is dual-fuel so if the natural gas system goes down, switch to propane. A BAO system uses minimal fuel as the genset only runs when needed to recharge the batteries if the solar PV system is not keeping up - such as in cloudy weather. But the BAO system does even more!

Not only will the BAO system keep you in power during prolonged grid outages, but when the grid is up, it can be saving you money in utility costs. This is because the BAO system uses solar PV, but also the programmable inverter can do Time of Day Rates and other load management to reduce your utility costs.