Be Always ON is the Michigan Distributor for M-TriGen

M-TriGen manufactures the PowerAire Tri-Generation system, which is the world’s only energy appliance that is designed to meet both base and surge load requirements for residential, commercial, and light industrial facilities. A natural evolution of proven Power Generation technology, PowerAire is certified by an independent testing laboratory (ETL) to meet all UL, AN-SI, CGA and CSA safety and performance standards.

M-TriGen’s PowerAire cooling, heating and power system is the most reliable, economically efficient, and environmentally sound solution for a residence or commercial building.

One PowerAire system provides 6kW of electric power and five tons of heating and cooling simultaneously which should be sufficient to power all of the loads of a typical home. It is de-signed to provide primary power with the grid as backup and can also manage all cooling and heating requirements.

Onboard battery storage provides sufficient power to handle intermittent peak and surge loads from motors and appliances. A programmable universal load management system pro-vides priority logic for any critical electrical loads.

A typical PowerAire Installation Schematic:

PowerAire harnesses 40 to 60% more waste heat energy than other power generators. It is twice as efficient as a standby generator or the central power grid’s combined cycle generators. PowerAire makes the most efficient use of fuel by producing cooling, heat and power at the point of use allowing the home or business owner to benefit from maximum efficiency in distributed energy generation. PowerAire units are available using natural gas, propane, or diesel as a base fuel.