FREE Consultation

We start with a NO COST telephone or web-based meeting consultation to discuss with you your specific needs and interests and determine if a Be Always ON system will do what you are looking for. This will only take about 30 minutes of your time; if we both agree that an ON-SITE Assessment is the next step, then there is a fee for that service. Please e-mail Our Call Center is not quite ready to start taking calls.


The On-Site Assessment is a comprehensive investigation of EVERYTHING that impacts your existing and potential future electric usage. We will even provide you with a Proposal for a Be Always ON system that details the major components and their estimated costs.

What the Assessment Includes:

  • All significant electric loads identified
  • HVAC and LRA Loads detailed
  • Loads to ELIMINATE with Upgrades and Replacements
  • Loads to PROTECT with Back-up Power
  • Loads for dynamic SHED
  • Loads NOT to Back-up
  • Evaluate typical usage patterns
  • Whole House POWER MONITORING – option
  • BAO Package / Option Price Proposal
  • Scheduling and Installation Planning 


If you are planning to build a new house and want to build-in reliability from the start, then talk to us about a Pre-Construction Assessment for you and/or your builder/Architect. We will instruct you how to optimize your new house for electric reliability in everything from location of the electric panel to house orientation. It can be substantially cheaper to build it right the first time, than to make expensive changes later. We will even show you how a BAO system can generate a POSTIVE CASH FLOW from Day 1 if you include the system with your new house mortgage.

Learn More about the Pre-Construction Assessment